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MARS consortium partner MTL NTUA will participate at the international conference FAIM (Flexible Automation and Intelligent Manufacturing). This conference have been hosted across Europe, America and Asia, since 1991 and is a globally recognized platform facilitating the exchange of cutting-edge research, theories, and practices in the field of automation and manufacturing. The theme of FAIM 2024 is, Manufacturing Innovation and Preparedness for the Changing World Order: Smart Manufacturing Enabled by Cyber-Physical Systems and Distributed & Secured Global Supply Chains and the main topics are the following ones:
  • Manufacturing Processes;
  • Manufacturing systems – design, modeling, process monitoring, planning,control, reconfiguration, networking, etc;
  • Applied AI and Machine Learning in manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing Cyber-physical systems, Cybersecurity;
  • Digital manufacturing, IIoT, digital twins;
  • Machine Tools, Robotics, and Assembly Systems;
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Engineering;
  • Manufacturing Ergonomics, Health and Safety;
  • Lean Manufacturing, TPM, TQM, Gemba Kaizen;
  • Sustainable Manufacturing and Enterprises;
  • Manufacturing Education and Case Studies.