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Third MARS General Assembly in Oslo (Simula)

MARS GA group photo Oslo 2024

MARS consortium met in-person for the third General Assembly at the headquarters of our consortium partner Simula Research Laboratory in Oslo from 3rd to 4th July 2024.

The meeting brought together the whole consortium with the goal to showcase the latest advancements in the project, featuring in-depth discussions and presentations.

Day 1: Current status of the MARS project

The first day started off with an opening session chaired by Arnaud Gotlieb from Simula Research Laboratory, that highlighted the meeting’s vision and objective and also gave clarifications of the agenda.

In the second part of the morning, consortium discussed a wide range of topics from manufacturing processes and AI modelling to knowledge management, framework design and communication, dissemination and exploitation presented by every participant. These sessions provided a detailed overview of the current status of the project.

Throughout the day, participants delved into four breakout sessions with the following topics:

  • Design of the entire high-level production flow
  • Platform operations: Digital Platform, edge-computing,
  • IoT connection, remote operation
  • Platform Business Exploitation
  • MARS Federated Learning Approach

This session was followed by engaging round-table discussions focusing on the future specifications of the MARS platform, touching on aspects like high-level production flows and business exploitation strategies.

The closing session, updates on the periodic technical report and budget amendments were presented.

Social Event & Dinner

Before heading to the dinner, the participants visited the Nobel Peace Center, located in Oslo, Norway at City Hall Square (Rådhusplassen). This Center serves as a focal point for the Nobel Peace Prize and the values it embodies. It is also a dynamic space where cultural and political discussions converge, encouraging participation, dialogue, and contemplation on issues like war, peace, and conflict resolution.

MARS consortium at the Nobel Peace Center in Oslo.

Day 2: Technical discussions

The second day of the third MARS General Assembly, the consortium worked on the technical questions of the MARS project.

The morning started with the topic explainable AI for manufacturing led by Dennis Gross from Simula Research Laboratory, followed by a round table discussion on four separate rooms led by Ricardo Knoblauch from ENSAM.

In the second half of the morning session, Dimitris Ntalaperas from UBITECH presented the technical focus: Federated learning that was followed by another round table discussion.

(Learn more on explainable AI and federated learning in these articles we recently produced as part of the “Closer look on…” article series.)

After lunch, Ayrton Sarango Mejia from AIN organised a workshop on the development of an evaluation protocol for sensor digital certification as sensors are being implemented and used during product quality measurements. The meeting continued with a presentation on the technical data management held by Harry Thomos from Noosware BV and a short walk through by Ivo Zeller from Steinbeis of the documentation of exploitable results generated during the project.

The General Assembly was concluded with a discussion on two upcoming events (CIM 2025, Global industries 2025) and the dates and location for the next General Assembly: 03-05.12.2024 in Aachen, Germany hosted by our partner MTI RWTH Aachen.

MARS consortium and Dennis Gross from Simula giving a presentation at the 3rd General Assembly.