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ENSAM and STIL at Met&Props in Marrakech (Morocco)

Metrology conference marrakech

The 24th International Conference on Metrology and Properties of Surfaces (Met&Props) hosted by  Mohamed EL MANSORI director of Mechanics, Surfaces and Materials Processing Laboratory and MARS coordinator from ENSAM, took place on May 27th to 29th and was a great opportunity for academics, industrialists, and engineers from different disciplines meet and present their newest innovations and ideas.

Met&props: A Hub for Innovation and Collaboration

Met&Props attracted participants from various disciplines, all united by their interest in metrology and surface properties. It served as a melting pot of ideas, fostering collaboration and inspiring new research directions. The event’s success was marked by the diversity and depth of the presentations and discussions, reflecting the broad applicability and importance of metrology in today’s technological landscape.

Introduction to the MARS Project by Mohamed EL MANSORI

The conference kicked off with an introductive presentation on the MARS project by Mohamed EL MANSORI. As the MARS coordinator, EL MANSORI outlined the project’s vision and objectives, emphasizing its focus on integrating advanced robotics and sensor technologies to revolutionize manufacturing processes. His presentation set the stage for subsequent discussions, highlighting the importance of sustainable innovation and the role of metrology in achieving these goals.

Mohamed EL MANSORI presenting MARS at Met&Props 2024.

Highlight of met&Props: Metrology for Smart ManufacturinG

One of the standout sessions was moderated by Cosimi Corleto, managing director from STIL MARPOSS. The session, titled “Metrology for Smart Manufacturing,” delved into the latest advancements and applications of metrology in creating smarter, more efficient manufacturing processes.

Keynote on SMART Sensors for Sustainable Manufacturing

In addition to moderating the insightful session, Cosimi Corleto delivered a compelling keynote address on “SMART Sensors for Sustainable Manufacturing” and the MARS project. His keynote highlighted the transformative potential of smart sensors in enhancing sustainability within manufacturing processes.

Feel free to watch an exclusive video interview with Cosimi Corleto, to get to know the role of STIL MARPOSS within MARS.