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MARS joins the AMiMO Cluster

AMiMO cluster meeting

MARS teamed up with the sister projects of the Horizon Europe call HORIZON-CL4-2022-TWIN-TRANSITION-01-03 and formed a new cluster named Automated Manufacturing with Intelligent Modules (AMiMO). This partnership aims to drive innovation and share knowledge in the field of automated manufacturing.

Inaugural Meeting: Setting the Foundation

The first meeting of the AMiMO cluster took place virtually on October 11. Representatives from the four projects came together for an in-depth discussion on several key topics:

  • Cluster Name: After a thorough deliberation, the group reached a consensus on the official name, AMiMO (Automated Manufacturing with Intelligent Modules).
  • Roadmap Development: The team focused on creating a comprehensive roadmap that outlines common dissemination and communication activities through 2026. This roadmap will guide our collaborative efforts and ensure that we effectively share our advancements and findings with the broader community.
Second meeting of the AMiMO Cluster (April 19th, 2024)

Planning for the Future

On Friday, April 19, representatives from the four projects met again to discuss and brainstorm the next steps in our joint roadmap for dissemination and communication. The discussion was vibrant and productive, with many innovative ideas being put forward to enhance our outreach and impact.

What’s Next?

The AMiMO cluster is committed to fostering collaboration and sharing knowledge to advance automated manufacturing. Our roadmap includes a series of planned activities, such as workshops, conferences, and publications, aimed at disseminating our research and innovations. By working together, we aim to accelerate progress and create a more sustainable and efficient manufacturing sector.

Stay tuned for more updates on our activities and achievements. We are excited about the journey ahead and the potential impact of our collaboration on the future of automated manufacturing.

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