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Viva Technology 2023: A Celebration of Innovation and Collaboration


From June 14-17, Viva Technology 2023 brought together innovators, visionaries, and leaders in the tech industry. Among the many esteemed participants, ENSAM stood out, sharing a booth with their partner Karlsruher Institut für Technologie (KIT). Together, they form the Franco-German Institute for the Industry of the Future, a testament to their commitment to cross-border collaboration and technological advancement.

Highlights from Viva Technology 2023

The joint booth of ENSAM and KIT was a hub of activity throughout the four-day event.  The booth showcased cutting-edge projects and research, attracting a diverse audience of industry professionals, academics, and tech enthusiasts.

Round Table on Blockchain and AI in Manufacturing

Table ronde with Eléanor FONTAINE (ENSAM), Arnaud GOTLIEB (Simula Research Laboratory), Axel BENOIST(ARXUM), Jérôme PERRIN (Renault SAS)

One of the key events was a round table discussion moderated by Eléanor Fontaine (ENSAM) on the third day, focusing on the integration of blockchain and AI in the manufacturing industry. This session was a collaborative effort with consortium partners and featured prominent speakers:

  • Axel Benoist from ARXUM: Discussed the transformative potential of blockchain technology in manufacturing processes, emphasizing security and transparency.
  • Arnaud Gotlieb from Simula Research Laboratory: Highlighted the role of AI in optimizing manufacturing operations and improving efficiency.

The discussion provided valuable insights into how these technologies can revolutionise the industry, addressing both current challenges and future opportunities.

Spotlight on the MARS Project

Throughout the event, ENSAM  presented the MARS project. Attendees had the chance to learn about the project’s objectives, progress, and potential impact on the industry.

Engaging with the Tech Community

Viva Technology 2023 was a platform for meaningful dialogue and networking. The event provided an opportunity for ENSAM and the present consortium partners Simula and ARXUM to engage with potential partners, stakeholders, and the broader tech community. The exchange of ideas and experiences was invaluable, fostering new collaborations and inspiring future projects.

Looking Ahead

The participation of ENSAM, Simula and ARXUM at Viva Technology 2023 showcased their energy for driving innovation within the manufacturing industry. By exploring the integration of blockchain and AI, and showcasing projects like MARS, they demonstrated a forward-thinking approach that is essential for the industry of the future.